Tanks In Town is the flagship event of the military section of the Royal Mons Auto Moto Club.

It brings together enthusiasts of military vehicles, militaria, period uniforms in an atmosphere of duty to remember.

Indeed, Tanks In Town commemorates the liberation of the City of Mons by the 83rd Reconnaissance Battalion of the 3rd Armored Division on September 2, 1944.

It is every year as this date approaches, most often the last weekend of August, that this extraordinary event is held.

Collectors from all over Europe come together to form a period camp at the "Bois Brulé" site in Ghlin.

During this commemoration weekend, activities such as a militaria scholarship, baptisms in tanks, baptisms in jeep, an amphibious operation on the Grand Large are offered to thousands of visitors.

On Sunday, a column of several hundred meters is formed to survey the roads of the Mons pocket all day long and thus retrace the route of our liberators.

The weekend always ends with the ascent of the Stuart "Fish'n Chips" tank on the Grand Place in Mons. Emblematic tank which evolved under the command of Major Tucker and which entered Mons first.

May this event engrave in the memories of young and old alike what our elders have experienced so that this story never repeats itself.

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